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Product Beats The Conventional Method

Precasteel's goal is to accelerate the conventional method of bridge overhang bridge brackets while providing cost savings and safer method for the contractor.

Conventional Bridge Overhang Brackets 

These triangular brackets, consisting of steel and heavy-duty plywood, jut out from the edges of the bridge to provide support during deck construction. The installation of bridge brackets can create an unsafe environment and opens the opportunity for accidents.

Most contractors don't own bridge brackets that conform to the requirements of today's construction and those that do often spend time digging them up in the yard for the next project only to find that they have fallen into disrepair.

Bridge brackets also can impact paving quality. The proximity of the bridge paver screed rail to the brackets causes them to deflect during paving and creates a wave, or a washboard affect, in the concrete deck along the barrier that often collects water and eventually scales. The damage is often discovered after the project is completed but the warranty has not expired, leaving the contractor with the unexpected cost of diamond grinding or deck replacement depending upon available concrete cover over the deck reinforcing steel.

Precaststeel's Stay In Place Fascia Forms

Precasteel is faster than conventional methods; as fast as one linear foot per minute shortening project schedules. 

We can minimize Maintenance & Protection of Traffic by using slow-downs in lieu of lane closures.

  • Not susceptible to uplift from wind forces.

  • No horizontal load below top flange of fascia beam so no design issues with web buckling.

Precasteel creates a safer work zone under the structure as the deck area is contained by SIPFF’s early-on.

  • Less labor intensive.

  • No need to comeback to rub out.

  • Less handling & transportation resulting in less shop time.

  • No need to comeback for removal; SET ‘EM & FORGET ‘EM!

  • No disposal required.

  • ​Less impact on environment as all work can be performed from topside.

  • Shop control concrete is less permeable than CIP concrete resulting in longer service life and better aesthetics.

  • 100% cost savings on average compared to the conventional way.



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