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We Build Projects That Last

LaGuardia Airport (LGA) project was the first project that used Stay-In-Place-Fascia-Forms (SIPFF) conceived by PRECASTEEL; this project provided proof of concept and helped with the development of the hardware system manufactured by SureBuilt Concrete Accessories.  Over 1800 linear feet of SIPFF’s were used on LGA, 900 LF were founded on precast bulb-T girders and another 900 LF on built-up steel girders, with 2 spans having a horizontal curve in them.  Besides being aesthetically pleasing and extending the service life of the structure, the rate of installation coupled with the fact that all work can be performed from top side and there’s no need to come back for removals, SET ‘EM & FORGET ‘EM, makes this product a no brainer

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